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General Knowledge Quiz Answers Round 1

This is a readymade, free and printable list of True or False General Knowledge Quiz Answers Round 1. It's easy to print just by right clicking on the question list below and selecting the printing option. We hope you have fun and enjoy the challenge of answering our selection of Bar, General Knowledge brain teasers!



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1. True: Florence
2. True: Albert Finney
3. False: It is 13
4. True: Lancashire


True: It's known as a drey
6. False: It's number 20
7. True: It stands for Anno Domini which is Latin
8. False: Canada's flag features a maple leaf on a red and white background
9. False: America has the world's largest rail network
10. True: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona and Arkansas
11. False: It was Billy Ocean
12. True: It comes from a Sperm Whale


False: It's in Singapore
14. True: 100 runs scored by a batsman in cricket for the first time
15. True: An agreement under international law
16. False: It stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
17. True: They're found in the foot
18. False: It's a seabird
19. True: Sycromesh gears prevented double de-clutch
20. True: It was called The Wonder of You

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General Knowledge Quiz Answers Round 1