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General Knowledge Quiz Questions Round 2

This is a readymade, free and printable list of General Knowledge Quiz Questions Round 2. It's easy to print just by right clicking on the question list below and selecting the printing option. We hope you have fun and enjoy the challenge of answering our selection of Bar, General Knowledge brain teasers!



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1. True or False Question: Typhoo tea began using chimpanzees for UK television advertising in the 1950s?
2. True or False Question: IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient?
3. True or False Question: The architect 'Stephen Sauvestre' is Italian?
4. True or False Question: Brendan O'Carroll plays Mrs Brown in the comedy sitcom 'Mrs Brown's Boys'?


True or False Question: The Tyrrell P34 Formula One car had 6 wheels?
6. True or False Question: On a standard English keyboard 'shift' and '1' produces a question mark when pressed simultaneously?
7. True or False Question: Starburst were formally called Opal Fruits in the UK?
8. True or False Question: DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting?
9. True or False Question: The surname of the family who operated and controlled 'The Thunderbirds' was Parker?
10. True or False Question: Queen Elizabeth II's full name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary WInsor?
11. True or False Question: Most marsupials carry their young in their mouths?
12. True or False Question: Less than half of the bones in a human body are found in the hands and feet?


True or False Question: Darcey Bussell is a retired ice skater?
14. True or False Question: The Backstreet Boys had a hit in 2013 with 'Best Song Ever'?
15. True or False Question: Leo Tolstoy is the author of the novel 'War and Peace'?
16. True or False Question: When Parliament is in session, a light shines above the clock face of London's Big Ben?
17. True or False Question: Barack Obama's daughters are called Malia Ann and Natalie?
18. True or False Question: Cliff Richards was born 'Harry Rodger Webb'?
19. True or False Question: The U-534 German Submarine is located in Liverpool?
20. True or False Question: A ripe sloe berry is red?

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