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History Quiz Answers Round 3

The following list of True or False History Quiz Answers Round 3 are printable for free. It's simple to print just by right clicking on the answer list and selecting the printing option. We hope you have fun and enjoy the challenge of answering our selection of History brain teasers!



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1. False: It was during the Crimean War
2. True: She poisoned herself
3. True: General Antonio L�pez de Santa Anna
4. True: The Cutty Sark was built for the tea trade


False: It was New York
6. False: It was launched by the British Motor Corporation (BMC)
7. False: He discovered Gold
8. True: R.J. Mitchell was the designer
9. False: it was Princess Margaret
10. True: Erwin Rommel became Field Marshall
11. True: His wife was Jos�phine de Beauharnais
12. True: Hans Langsdorff


True: Her name was Horatia
14. False: He built the Taj Mahal
15. False: It was Alan Shepard
16. True: Margaret Thatcher was the UK's first female Prime Minister
17. False: It was the Canary Islands
18. True: Brown's Hotel is London's oldest
19. True: Levi Strauss was the co-inventor
20. False: Clara Barton was the founder

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True or False History Quiz Answers Round 3