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80s Music Quiz Questions

The following list of True or False 80s Music Quiz Questions are printable for free. It's simple to print just by right clicking on the answer list and selecting the printing option. We hope you have fun and enjoy the challenge of answering our selection of eighties Music Questions!



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1. True or False Question: Michael Jackson released a song that included the lyrics, 'As I, Turn up the collar on my favourite winter coat'?
2. True or False Question: Lionel Richie and Diana Ross released their duet 'Endless Love' in 1987?
3. True or False Question: The 1980's song 'Straight Up' was a hit for Tiffany?
4. True or False Question: Another Day in Paradise featured on Phil Collins' ...But Seriously album?


True or False Question: Robert Palmer's 'Addicted to Love' reached number 1 position in the US in 1994?
6. True or False Question: 'I come home in the morning light' is the opening line to a hit song by Cyndi Lauper?
7. True or False Question: Footloose was released by Kenny Loggins in 1984?
8. True or False Question: Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe formed the duo Erasure?
9. True or False Question: A song by Survivor became the theme song for the Rocky III movie?
10. True or False Question: Queen's 'I Want to Break Free' was released in 1985?
11. True or False Question: The Reflex was a hit song for Frankie Goes to Hollywood?
12. True or False Question: A-Ha sang both 'Take On Me' and 'Touch Me (The Sun Always Shines on TV)'?


True or False Question: Appetite for Destruction was the title of an album by Metallica?
14. True or False Question: Gary Cherone and Nuno Bettencourt formed an American rock band?
15. True or False Question: Girl You Know It's True is the title of an album by Milli Vanilli?
16. True or False Question: A song by Berlin featured in the Top Gun movie?
17. True or False Question: Where the Street Have No Name was hit song for Nirvana?
18. True or False Question: Toto released a song in the 1980s which began, 'I hear the drums echoing tonight'?
19. True or False Question: Love Shack was a song by The B-52s?
20. True or False Question: 'I'd run right into hell and back' are lyrics from Meatloaf's 'Like a Bat Out of Hell'?

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