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00s Music Quiz Answers

The following list of True or False 00s Music Quiz Answers are printable for free. It's simple to print just by right clicking on the answer list and selecting the printing option. We hope you have fun and enjoy the challenge of answering our selection of noughties Music Questions!



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1. True: Ordinary People
2. False: They formed Fun
3. False: It was released in 2011
4. True: Timber by Kesha


False: It was by Justin Timberlake
6. True: Blurred Lines
7. False: The album was by Pink
8. True: Grammy Award for Best Video
9. True: Grenade
10. True: 8701 by Usher
11. False: She's from Barbados
12. True: No One


True: The band's from Canada and they sang 'How You Remind Me'
14. False: will.i.am featured on 'OMG'
15. True: Confessions (Usher)
16. False: It was released in 2005
17. True: Alecia Moore
18. True: Austin Mahone featuring Pitbull
19. True: Use Somebody
20. False: He's Canadian

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00s Music Quiz Answers