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60s Music Quiz Questions

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1. True or False Question: The lead singer of The Doors was John Densmore?
2. True or False Question: Mr Tambourine Man was a hit song by The Beatles?
3. True or False Question: Elvis released a song which began, 'When no one else can understand me'?
4. True or False Question: Ebony and Ivory was a duet by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder?


True or False Question: Lionel Richie joined a group in 1968 called The Temptations?
6. True or False Question: The opening line to Ben E. King's 'Stand By Me' is, 'When the night has come'?
7. True or False Question: Sonny & Cher released the duos I Got You Babe and Baby Don't Go?
8. True or False Question: Billy Ocean was born in Trinidad and Tobago, his birth name was Leslie Sebastian Charles?
9. True or False Question: Fly Me to the Moon includes the lyrics, 'Fill my heart with love and let me sing for ever more'?
10. True or False Question: Diana Ross was leader singer of The Supremes?
11. True or False Question: I Want To Hold Your Hand was a 1960's song by The Beatles?
12. True or False Question: What a Wonderful World begins, 'I see trees of green, pink roses too, I see them bloom'?


True or False Question: '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction' was released by The Rolling Stones in 1963?
14. True or False Question: 'I Say a Little Prayer' was a hit song for Dionne Warwick?
15. True or False Question: Otis Redding released a song which began, 'Sittin' in the morning sun'?
16. True or False Question: Barry Gibb was a member of the Beach Boys?
17. True or False Question: 'I'm like a rubber ball, baby that's all that I am to you' are lyrics from a famous song by Bobby Vee?
18. True or False Question: The Carpenters' first album was called 'Ticket to Ride'?
19. True or False Question: 'I bet you're wonderin' how I knew 'bout your plans to make me blue' are the opening lyrics to a song by Marvin Gaye?
20. True or False Question: The Four Tops released a song called 'My Girl' in the 1960s?

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